Getting people, processes and technology working together in regulatory affairs

Published on 1st March 2022


The key to achieving business agility around regulation, is a combination of people, processes, and technology.

This combination provides the vision to connect your business and regulatory change management strategy to your technology investments. It provides the ability to take timely and effective actions and the flexibility to adapt to unexpected business and regulatory developments.

Corlytics can help you substantially reduce the time spent on manual tasks and outflank competitors with more efficient and cost-effective models to drive regulatory optimisation. It is now the time to stop fearing or delaying change, and time to start profitably embracing it.


Corlytics has helped many financial firms improve regulatory operations, increasing agility and effective processes moving from manual operations to a model of auto-routing and high value tasks around analytics and business efficacy. Our professional services team works with you to build a future proofed compliance operating model, delivering faster times to review and analyse new data across multiple business applications and regulatory use cases including ESG.

Corlytics professional services team provide consultative expertise to help you take advantage of your aggregated data, combining technology with your team and processes.


Achieving business agility demands that you free people up from manual tasks making it possible for the people to work on higher value tasks while the technology delivers the data. The flexibility of the Corlytics’ workflow enables users to manipulate regulatory content in a way that best suits their teams, not how other solutions force them to use content. The underlying data fabric must incorporate auto-routing, language translation, versioning of regulations and a single view to ensure that the freshest and most accurate data is driving real-time analytic insights.

If you are interested in learning more about how we are helping our clients innovate their regulatory compliance, please get in touch with us.