Corlytics supports private banks as a strategic technology partner assisting in ensuring the bank understands its compliance obligations to the regulators in relation to institutional investors, external asset managers, its HNWI clients and others, as well as providing valuable information on deciding how to manage those clients’ investments from a regulatory compliance perspective.

Private banks are facing problems trying to digitise, track and manage their regulatory obligations.

Q. What are your regulatory challenges?

Private banks have two key regulatory challenges, to ensure they are managing their obligations and can evidence that to regulators and to optimise regulations in terms of their clients investments. However, private banks are facing problems trying to digitise and track their regulatory obligations, imminent regulation changes, emerging themes and risk of enforcement in a smart way.   

Q. What makes Corlytics a unique solution?

As a strategic business partner, Corlytics tracks all regulatory data from applicable banking regulators, privacy regulators, government agencies and other relevant regulatory authorities, using auto-routing to capture and distribute  all impact assessments, and delivering this data in an easy to digest digital format. This enables skilled compliance professionals to focus on higher value tasks and analytics. 

Q. How does it work and why it’s needed?

Corlytics helps its customers achieve regulatory optimisation through a range of digital solutions allowing banks to reduce their regulatory risk, achieve a lower cost of compliance ownership and move into a stronger competitive position with automation and maximised regulatory content with filters and granular search providing current data and data insights. 

Our solutions for your regulatory needs

Identify and track emerging regulatory risks with horizon scanning

Simplify regulation and obligation management

Determine your exposure to regulatory risk


A central point of access for all your relevant regulations

A single structured source of

ESG regulatory developments

Navigating complex regulation

Identifying current and emerging regulatory

themes for financial crime

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