Taxonomy manager for regulators



Digitising and navigating complex regulation.

The Corlytics’ Taxonomy Manager is used by regulators to digitise and categorise regulation. The solution is used to create intelligent handbooks, mapping the regulator’s taxonomy to its regulatory content. In essence, this makes the handbook a machine-readable piece of content that can be made available to firms who are supervised by the regulator.

Additionally, each handbook is converted to a searchable database surfacing only relevant regulations for regulated firms. The solution also provides visual maps to enable users to traverse regulations through related themes, products, business lines and any other aspect of the regulator’s taxonomy. Corlytics can also offer its universal taxonomy should a regulator so wish.

Corlytics Taxonomy Manager provides the taxonomized content in multiple formats for integration to the online portal where the content is hosted and also for integration to firms’ obligation registers via a robust API.

The Corlytics solution has been proven to increase use of the regulators handbook/rulebook website, increase time on page, and decrease time to find relevant content through.




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