Supporting PSP payment infrastructure with risk rated, digitised regulatory content and solutions helping firms to navigate the complexities of payments and financial regulation to ensure they are compliant with regulations both domestically and internationally.

Q. What are your regulatory challenges?

Payment Service Providers (PSPs) dealing with hugely increased numbers of payment regulations and money transmission laws both domestically and internationally.  With money crossing jurisdictions and new and changing regulatory requirements arising that must be met.

Q. What makes Corlytics a unique solution?

To fully satisfy the needs of both current PSP clients and future users or our solutions, Corlytics incorporates specific payments regulations from global FS regulators in addition to dedicated payments regulators. We have incorporated and classified specific PSP data in line with client requirements.

Q. How does it work and why it’s needed?

With PSPs needing to illustrate how they are meeting compliance obligations, our clients use Corlytics to automatically acquire and categorise payments content. From topic specific horizon scanning to regulatory change management, Corlytics PSP clients, using visual analysis tools, gain a global understanding of the regulatory landscape and shifting pattern of regulation relating to payments.

Our solutions for your regulatory needs

Simplify regulation and obligation management

Identify and track emerging regulatory risks

Determine your exposure to regulatory risk


A central point of access for all your relevant regulations

A single structured source of

ESG regulatory developments

Navigating complex regulation

Identifying current and emerging regulatory

themes for financial crime

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All financial firms have issues with regulatory change management.
These case studies give an account of the needs of different clients and different types of financial firms, with similar regulatory requirements across a range of diverse business lines and geographies.