Sunsetting the Corlytics COVID-19 Tracker

Published on 7th March 2024

It was a very strange time as we experience lockdowns, working from home, queuing for food and wondering when the pandemic would end.  The home schooling taught most of us that we were not cut out to be teachers and, for some reason, everybody was making banana bread, if you could get flour and eggs.

The world was thrust into an era of uncertainty, rapid change, and heightened awareness of public health. Businesses, governments, and individuals alike found themselves navigating uncharted waters.  Plus, there was lots and lots of new regulations.

At Corlytics, we recognised the urgent need for accurate, real-time data to empower decision-makers across various sectors. So, we developed the Corlytics COVID-19 Tracker, a regulatory monitoring or horizon scanning solution designed to provide comprehensive insights into the evolving Covid 19 regulatory landscape. However, it is now time to turn off, or sunset the solution.

When the pandemic first emerged, the whole world was inundated with endless information updates, much of it conflicting or incomplete. Recognising the importance of data-driven decision-making during such times, we leveraged our expertise in analytics and technology to create a solution that would offer some clarity amidst the chaos.

The Corlytics COVID-19 Tracker was a central location where users could access up-to-date published regulatory data related to the pandemic.  The taxonomy or classification of themes included:

  • Vaccination programmes
  • Insurance
  • Tax Measures
  • Financial Crime
  • Employment
  • Inflation
  • Cyber Crime
  • Operation Resilience


The pandemic has passed and the once climbing graph of new and updated covid 19 related regulations has now tapered and gone into decline.

But, the continuous publishing of regulatory notices in other areas, on other themes, means that Corlytics will continue to build these tracker solutions, in an addition to our regulatory risk platform including horizon scanning, auto routing, regulatory library and policy management.