The regulatory riddle – navigating the puzzle of compliance

Published on 19th September 2023

In the world of finance and business, compliance with regulations is like solving a never-ending riddle. Every regulation, directive, and statute seems like a piece of a complex puzzle, and it’s up to compliance professionals to put it all together correctly. So, what are the challenges in mastering the  “The Regulatory Riddle”.

Imagine a puzzle with thousands of pieces, each representing a different regulation or requirement. Some pieces are straightforward, while others are oddly shaped and require careful consideration. Compliance officers often find themselves staring at this puzzle, wondering where to begin.

What makes “The Regulatory Riddle” even more challenging is that the pieces are constantly changing. New regulations are introduced, existing ones are amended, and interpretations evolve. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle that rearranges with great frequency.

Sometimes, it feels like some pieces of the puzzle are missing altogether. Regulatory gaps and ambiguities can leave compliance professionals scratching their heads, trying to fill in the blanks.

In the world of compliance, misplacing a puzzle piece can have serious consequences. Non-compliance can lead to fines, reputational damage, and even legal issues.


So, how can compliance professionals tackle this complex puzzle effectively? Here are some strategies:

  1. Stay Informed: Keep a close eye on regulatory updates, which is why having a solution providing horizon scanning or regulatory monitoring is key. For more information  (Regulatory Monitoring)
  2. Have information available at your fingertips: A regulation and law library that stores this content as a fully digital set of obligations in a single location (with side by side comparison of changes obviously) would be a very useful asset. For more information (Regulation Library)
  3. Use technology to solve the puzzle: Compliance professionals can leverage regulatory technology (RegTech) to automate and streamline processes. (Learn about Corlytics solutions)    
  4. Plan ahead to avoid it being puzzling: Take a proactive approach to compliance. Develop a robust regulatory compliance programme that anticipates regulatory changes and adapts accordingly – utilising technology to streamline your programme including Risk Analytics to provide you with risk-based views of regulatory concerns for risk, audit and compliance teams to assist in the planning and allocation of regulatory compliance to investments, financial instruments and legislation. (Regulatory Risk Analytics )
  5. Simplify your life: with centralised document management offering real-time collaboration, version control, automated workflows, audit trails, regulatory mapping, and search and retrieval. For more information  (Policy Management)

“The Regulatory Riddle” may be complex and ever-changing, but it’s a puzzle that regulatory compliance professionals are dedicated to solving. With the right strategies, teamwork, and a commitment to staying informed, the pieces can come together, and the regulatory puzzle can be mastered.


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