Working in Regtech

Published on 26th November 2021

PEOPLE ARE KEY to our business and by default recruitment is key to our success in meeting our clients’ objectives and vision for their business.

You don’t have to be technical or a legal graduate to have a career in Regtech, as like all technology firms there are many roles that do not require technical qualifications or experience. You will need to know about the business, its solutions and products and the issues that clients have that can be met by a particular solution or product but soft skills including people skills, accountability, communication, leadership and problem solving are vital within this sector. It also helps to be passionate about the sector, and many are just that.


The key roles we recruit for generally fall into the categories: software development (including specialists in AI), business analysis, legal and legal analytics, project management, operations and sales and marketing.

Recruitment is only the beginning and talent needs to be nurtured and appreciated. Most Regtech firms are still relatively small, especially compared to their client base that is frequently the global giants of the financial services world. With smaller firms, it’s important that people work in quite an entrepreneurial way, taking responsibility for their role and being flexible in terms of stretching themselves to learn quickly and manage tasks well.


Regtech can be a great place for women to work in as it already has many senior female figures. It’s a sector where you’re as good as your work rather than narrow gender biases.


In Corlytics, being part of the team isn’t just a phrase but vital to enable the flexibility required by the nature of the business and desired by those within the company. When people join Corlytics they benefit from being part of an engaged team. When a client engages with Corlytics, they benefit from that team spirit.


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