Understand your regulatory obligations with a solution that helps your firm move easily from horizon scanning to policy building.

Q. What are your regulatory challenges?

Unable to find and assess imminent and emerging regulatory change effectively. Difficult to identify, analyse and manage all relevant regulation relating to investors, assets and firm despite regulation being a risk.

Q. What makes Corlytics a unique solution?

Corlytics offers a unified monitoring to policy platform.   The platform supports dynamic risk management across the regulatory change lifecycle – updating and enforcing internal policies and controls in real time. Corlytics monitors all financial services regulatory information, identifying emerging trends, including ESG, and providing a risk rated view of this regulatory content in an easy to digest, fully searchable, immediately usable, digitised format with unique visualised dashboards.

Q. How does it work and why it’s needed?

To monitor and manage regulatory change, Hedge Funds are finding that automation and using a single global platform, capturing all assessments relating to the investors, assets, jurisdictions, risks and firm, is helping them with challenges around the identification and management of increasing regulation.   This capture of information, with auto-routing and a regulatory policy builder is helping them to stay compliant without having to further invest in extended legal teams.

Hedge funds are adept at managing risk, striving to find the delicate balance between risk and reward. Regulatory risk is no exception and like other forms of risk, it cannot be adequately addressed without proper knowledge.

Corlytics’ global leading regulatory change management solution (Corlytics Red+) provides enriched regulatory data, including horizon scanning with supporting operational and legal risk impact assessment workflow from a singular location. It can also be paired with our regulatory policy builder.
Corlytics collects regulatory notices published by regulators globally and makes this content available on the Corlytics Platform and enriches the information with regulatory risk intelligence and analytics enabling firms to plan and prioritise compliance and monitoring activities and determine exposure to emerging regulatory risk. In conjunction with Corlytics Risk Impact Workflow, firms can carry out a full impact assessment collaboratively across multiple departments, using impact templates, alerts, notifications, and an approval and implementation process. Corlytics Compliance Policy Management builder enables firms to manage compliance policies and procedures from creation, though approval and publishing with a fully integrated set of relevant rules and up to date financial regulations.


Rapid deployment to your organisation: get your regulatory change management program up and running quickly and with ease

Single, centralised location: for tracking impact assessment and implementation of regulatory changes, including mapping to policies and controls.

Increases ease of collaboration: across the enterprise with efficient dissemination on key regulatory changes with relevant individuals and teams.

Efficiency gains: through reduction in manual tracking activities

Queue management: for user activities and tasks to help with work assignment and balancing.

In-built notification of tasks: through the platform and integration of email notifications, in addition to automated escalation notification.

Closed Loop process: True end-to-end solution provides real-time updates on regulatory changes relevant for each user. Corlytics intelligent regulations interact seamlessly with the existing policies providing automatic updates in a unified ‘monitoring to policy’ regtech platform.

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