Corlytics grow in A&O Fuse programme

Published on 27th June 2018

Corlytics partners with Archer Experts to give regulated firms a risk weighted view of compliance Corlytics, global leaders in regulatory risk impact intelligence, today announced a strategic partnership with RSA Archer-focused consultancy Archer Experts. RSA Archer is an increasingly popular governance, risk and compliance (GRC) platform. The workflow software is used by financial institutions and other regulated firms to assign tasks and provide an audit trail to actions delivered. Working together the two innovative businesses will align Corlytics’ market leading regulatory risk impact intelligence into Archer framework. Delivering processes in the workflow software enabling regulatory compliance. For the first time, firms will now be able to add a risk weighted score to their activities. Better risk weighting scores, enable better risk assurance.


Rich Gearity, CEO of Archer Experts explains, “Our focus is in delivering the most value possible for Archer users. The flexible platform allows users to adapt solutions to their firm specific requirements. Users can build new applications, and integrate with external systems without touching a single line of code. By integrating Corlytics’ regulatory risk data with Archer’s robust feature sets provides a ‘single view’ approach to analysing regulatory risk across the enterprise. Resulting in better compliance assurance. It also further enhances the return on investment for a customer’s current investment in Archer.”

John Byrne, CEO at Corlytics, added, “Together we will arm customers with the information they need to proactively identify and manage their regulatory risks. Our vision is to enable a more transparent and stable financial system through greater regulatory planning. We use a combination of artificial and human intelligence to categorise and organise regulatory notices with internal firm data, into highly structured relevant information.

Allowing regulated firms to protect themselves from unexpected exposures and fines leading to better regulatory outcomes. Working together we are confident that the value of both offerings can be greatly enhanced”. Archer Expert’s deep knowledge and understanding of RSA Archer technology and risk management processes is ideal for forward-thinking organisations facing the increased scrutiny and accountability for corporate governance, strategy and strategic risk. Using the RSA Archer Platform, Archer Experts solutions facilitate the ability to plan for and respond intelligently to all risks that could potentially harm an organisation.

“We’re excited to announce this partnership with Corlytics. Demand for regulatory risk analysis software continues to grow and integrating that data into Archer is a huge benefit for businesses,” continues Archer Experts CEO, Rich Gearity. “Integrating a regulatory risk solution using the RSA Archer GRC suite is the key to elevating your regulatory risk management programme. We’re committed to working with Corlytics to bring this offering to as many organisations as possible.”