Corlytics uncovers the impact of emerging regulation on financial services, as regulators pivot towards ESG risks

Published on 21st May 2021

Corlytics has launched a new solution focused on monitoring ESG (environmental, social and governance) financial regulation, allowing clients to understand risk-rated regulatory information across both ESG and their sub-set of themes. 

Corlytics ESG Monitoring is a single dashboard offering structured, analysed and visualised ESG-specific regulatory information which is rapidly evolving among global financial regulators.

“ESG regulation is an emerging risk category that is permeating every part of the financial services sector, across banking, asset management and insurance markets. ESG regulation is different to monitoring other types of regulatory changes and notices, as only a small percentage of envisioned regulations are in final form, many are either at consultation stage or earlier. We expect rapid change as discussion and consultation papers move swiftly to actual regulations. This needs a new solution. We bring clarity, transparency and an ability to rate emerging regulatory changes to clients embracing this shifting landscape,” says John Byrne, CEO Corlytics

Understanding ESG regulatory exposure is mandatory across the industry as it experiences pressure from investors, clients and regulators seeking everything from recently introduced disclosure rules to consultation papers on emerging social and governance regulations. This latest offering from Corlytics allows clients access to a fully digitised, searchable universe of current, pending and emerging ESG regulation data with slice and dice data capability and API functionality. The major features include

  • Structured, rated and visualised ESG regulatory content
  • ESG Taxonomy to map out all sub-themes of E, S and G including Greenwashing, disclosures, climate change, sustainable finance, the circular economy, reputational risks and so on.
  • Visual Tracker, enabling firms to quickly find the ESG content that is relevant to each firm, team, and user, depending on jurisdiction, source and time horizon.
  • Percentage increase in ESG regulatory notices by region and jurisdiction; US versus EU versus APAC
  • Fully integrated with all other Corlytics regulatory solutions, including regulation library and impact assessment workflow.

Corlytics developed this new, visual tool to enable analysis of multiple ESG regulations provided on an hour-by-hour basis. Corlytics ESG monitoring, applies our expertise in designing taxonomies, legal analysis and data science to all the current and emerging themes of ESG regulation. Corlytics has a proven reputation for rigour, accuracy and consistency working both with regulators and globally regulated firms.

Corlytics ESG monitoring has been developed as a response to market demands for consistent and accurate analysis on current/emerging regulations and regulatory trends.

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