Find out more about working at Corlytics from some of our team

 You apply your legal training and knowledge within a technology framework so even the way our work is structured is a learning curve but it enables you to become independent very quickly. Corlytics believes in the importance of interdisciplinary skills. We are currently learning to code in python – the majority of the class are from the legal team”.

Erica Russell

 My role as a Legal and Regulatory Analyst affords me the opportunity to apply the theoretical concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning from my postgraduate study to practical and everyday solutions.

Corlytics is a global environment. We are an international team and we look at regulatory data across all markets and jurisdictions, which gives a fully comprehensive outlook of compliance and financial regulation.”

Iain Telford

 I have been with Corlytics since 2014 and seen it grow from a tiny start-up to a highly considered global Regtech firm.  I have been given a lot of opportunity – working on a large range of different areas of the business from our risk analytics solutions to sales and dealing directly with clients. I have spent several months working in our London office and travelled to Singapore and to Hong Kong to two key financial services trade fairs.

Corlytics is a good place to work in – I enjoy my work, I have great colleagues and I really like the culture in the company.”

Michelle Wang

 I have been a part of the legal team since I completed my internship here last summer – even though my educational background is in finance. It is this cross over between finance and the law that I find very stimulating – it has allowed me to expand my professional knowledge in a way that a traditional place of work can not offer.”

Mark O’Rourke