Find out more about working at Corlytics from some of our team

Isabella Fan 

Risk Analyst


“I have worked at Corlytics as a data analyst for over three years. There are lots of interesting aspects to my role. What stands out for me is the spirit and the drive to make creative and innovative products, developed using novel methods and concepts. You get thrown in at the deep end and do a lot of research, but you learn a lot very quickly. Coming from a financial background,  I’m not only consolidating my financial knowledge, but I am also learning new skills such as computer languages. I am currently studying for a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification and this is encouraged and supported here at Corlytics.”

Gary Whitehead

Senior Legal & Regulatory Analyst

“The most enjoyable part of working with Corlytics is that you feel valued as a member of the team. We work in an exciting future-focussed sector which allows for an agile method of work. No two days are ever the same! Corlytics have supported my academic endeavours by sponsoring me to complete a Legal Practice Course (LPC) in London and it has enhanced my professional development by assisting in a move to our London offices and engaging me in a client-facing role.”


Selina Ji

Senior Regulatory Analyst


“Corlytics is dedicated to making a strong impact in the Regtech world. My main task here is to monitor published enforcement notices on a daily basis and annotate and document every significant detail and their associated risks in our datahouse. I also work as a risk consultant with the management team on ad hoc projects and deal with media requests for marketing or our thought leadership pieces. Finding emerging patterns and trends is very stimulating. After working here for two years, I have grown from a newcomer in the regtech industry to be an Senior Regulatory Analyst. Corlytics allows you to work flexible hours, there is a good working environment with friendly people. The company encourages the team to pursue continuous education, provides internal job transfers and runs staff training programmes. Working here gives you a wide range of skills and future opportunities.”


Killian Bolger

Financial Analyst

“Corlytics is an incredible firm for young graduates to launch their careers. The multi-disciplined teams consisting of legal, computer science, finance and other related fields give graduates an opportunity to explore new fields in a dynamic working environment. There’s plenty of room for progression. In fact, many members of the team began as interns or at junior level and have progressed rapidly.”

Rapahel Onwunali

Legal & Regulatory Analyst

Working at Corlytics has pushed my academic capability and enabled me to broaden my knowledge of finance, technology and law. Knowledge is shared, and we achieve this through continuous learning, training and team-focused projects. I have been given the opportunity to apply my software testing background by working with the product team and testing some of our latest innovative software products. The legal team are always receiving first-class industry training and are currently learning to code in Python. Corlytics values language skills and by having a degree in Law and Spanish, I have been able to utilise both parts of my degree in analysing enforcement notices from the Comisión Nacional de Valores, the Spanish financial regulator.”

Ashna Agarwal

Legal & Regulatory Analyst

“I started working for Corlytics as an intern while pursuing my Masters in Finance at the University College, Dublin. From day one I was made to feel like a part of the team and was given support to overcome any challenges that I faced. After successfully completing my internship, I was offered a full-time position as a legal and regulatory analyst, which was a great boost to my career. Working with the world’s largest regulators and financial institutions opened my eyes to the ever-expanding regtech industry. My role at Corlytics has given me a more practical insight into the financial services sector along with a better understanding of regulatory risk and all of its implications.”