Join our Webinar 21 May 2024

This webinar session will cover key developments in AI regulation and compliance, anticipated regulatory changes, and the impact on businesses across sectors. Attendees will gain insights into best practices for navigating the complex regulatory environment and learn strategies to ensure compliance. This webinar is essential for professionals seeking to stay ahead in the dynamic field of AI and regulatory compliance.



Having worked in the legal and compliance profession in financial services and energy for over a decade, Evgeny (Jay) has always sought to improve the current ways companies can understand and meet their compliance obligations and ensure that compliance is embedded into their business. He founded Clausematch in 2012 bringing a unique vision to the market and building a compliance management platform that helps regulated organisations to operate safely and bring compliant products to the market. In July 2023, after the strategic acquisition of Clausematch by Corlytics in a move to redefine regulatory technology, two of the top global RegTech companies joined forces to cover the entire regulatory value chain, from regulatory monitoring to policy attestation.

Freddie is an experienced professional who started his career at the global marketing giants, Ogilvy and L’Oreal. He has worked in RegTech for the last eight years and held various senior sales and leadership positions in high-growth scale-ups, including Silverfin and Clausematch. In July 2023, Corlytics acquired Clausematch, and Freddie was appointed as the Vice President of Global Enterprise Sales. His new role focuses on executing cross company synergy sales and driving strategic account growth.



ANNA NICOLIS, Director, Braithwate
Anna is a former management consultant and global compliance manager at the biggest international interdealer broker who has delivered enterprise-level regulatory change management projects including governance, risk & compliance model design and Reg Tech systems implementation. She holds a Master in AI Ethics from the University of Cambridge and is passionate about delivering pragmatic business solutions by adopting responsible technology.